Established in 2017, The Pertinent Press seeks to publish titles both old and new in the field of Philosophy. We are currently expanding to publish in other areas of the humanities and social sciences, including Politics, History, Theology, and Cultural Studies.

We are advocates for writers at all stages of their careers and are committed to diversity. The company is completely independent and open to all ideas and stances. Our authors are based across the globe. We are particularly interested in authors who have never published before, authors whose first language is not English and authors who wish to penetrate the English-speaking market.

Due to the commitment of our staff, we hope that we can publish more effectively and efficiently than some of the more established UK publishers. We are able to deal with our clients at a faster rate on a more personalised level. The Pertinent Press also offers the exceptional service of linguistic editing for authors whose level of English may have prevented their work from being considered by other publishers. 

For more information, please see our guidelines for submitting manuscripts, our page on marketingor contact us.

The Pertinent Press is also devoted to reissuing works of historic philosophers that have long been out of print or have never been translated into English. We are currently working on a series of Italian philosophy titles which includes the writings of Benedetto Croce.

We are also interested in working with young people who would like to gain experience in the publishing world by translating philosophical texts from Italian to English. For more details, visit this page.

Headquartered in the UK (Oxford), The Pertinent Press takes a supportive and enabling approach with authors and send copies of their books to leading libraries and for review in academic journals.

Collaboration with Goldsmiths University of London

The Pertinent Press is working with Goldsmiths University of London on providing language students the opportunity to translate French and Italian texts into English. The work forms part of a university module and will be supervised by both Goldsmiths University and The Pertinent Press.


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